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April 2, 2008

Regulation of Hacking & Phreaking

Hacking And Phreaking is 2 just mention or 2 just term which the each its target is same that is [so that/ to be my me can come into a[n system by not quite the ticket or way of which null and void by bringing separate purposes and objectives.
In ber’phreaking or ber’hacking, at least have to have order which although nature of from this order is free and do not based on law or have the character of relative. But at least with this order, you is all enthusiastic User of berkelana farther can limit x’self in order not to harming others, harmless of other institution, and of course things don’t that hacking can harm yourself by xself particularly your family.?
At the present day this, sentence ” Hacking” likely have started habit heard by among User PC especially converse Security PC. Word ” Hacking” alone more recognized by illusory society with negative sentiment because of nature of from this Hacking more having the character of to destroy.
And start more famous again or go up its pamour in Indonesia, precisely last GENERAL ELECTION moment where KPU situs in deface by local Hacker.

Why have to Hacking & Why have to Phreaking ?
Real correct of… why have to phreaking or hacking ?
AN good question to be asked by you which in fact not yet hankered in this Hacking world and not yet known target to what end that hacking a[n negative oposition again, moment speak hacking problem as well as many party/ side which still is wrong of kaprah as well as still many all is xpert of computer which still melarang-larang so that/ to be] there is no need to us become hacker.
It is true hacking word / hacker is enough respected, this because of deed case example of]s from all hacker alone which is quite a lot which is have negative pattern to as well as seldom it im information which is where that information narrate an deed either from all hacker.
Supposing knife Hacking, can be used for the things good to cutting vegetable and can be wrong also that is jab people. Here return again at its human being factor, where him as a hacker use its ability for the matter of good or ugly matter.

To what end Hacking, what is good for ?
Concerning problems good for or do not, return to who is that [party/ side. Hacking word of course will be more good for them dabbling [in] computer world. Hacking of course of no use if us converse hacking at a cab driver, or possible converse hacking at one who work as supermarket security.
Hacking is knowledge, obtaining knowledge and shar knowledge is key freedom of science as well as learning to recognize farther in order not to be handcuffed with progress of technology which progressively day faster expanding it. Hacking alone in fact also represent an form of[is make-up of effort learn, and where nature of that study start to go up and go up again to international level level and have interest [to] to increase knowledge standard in x’self. Where that international interest level can be done/conducted by in an so called world of Internet.

Hacking is an action enter an others system illegally to be able to know even study all activity type and way of [job/activity from system that he/she enter.
That congeniality in short. There is which will nambah ?
Order Hacking:
1. Don’T have broken or destroy a[n others system. This merely will make you in problem and of no use destroy something property of others. Tau sin
2. Don’T change file setting or manapun file system, except you [do/conduct] it for the matter of so that you cannot be detected. And that thing earn to guarantee you so that can step into that system again in one day wait
3. Don’T shar information about an project of hacking which yours of medium do/conduct or which yours of medium plan to others. This matter might possibly endanger you and he/she is, if/when wishing to cooperate to select;choose partner according to your conscience and that your risk
4. If/When wishing to shar an project of result of your you to public, that of just validitys but its implementation [do] not 100%. You have to beware of to present your project is that a success meagrely vaguely in order not to be hit [by] law, because your project is surely have in observation of law
5. Don’T have used the name of genuiness and or original telephone number of yours moment wish to shar the project of your you is to common/ public media / public, although well-intentioned you.
6. Don’T have left a[n system which you have that hack. Except for the challenge of newer and more besotted
7. Don’T have computer system meng’hack property of government
8. Do not ever converse moment hacking you use your house telephone
9. Become a which is coward to awake. Keep or protect all or object equipments of your you in a safe place.
10. To become hacker which in fact, you need menghack field practice. Berkelana in Internet world You cannot only sit and read tens of hacking book or tens of hacking file document which you get from Internet. That all is not which is named by hacking which in fact.
11. Is if we like to referred as by Hacker which is have good moral to, you can try to ‘hack tens of even hundreds of porno situs-situs exist in Internet. Where the porno situs-situs is to have the character of negativity and destroy to bounce and also country child moral ?

Figure Hacker : Adrian Lamo, talented and young age. Finding weakness : Only by using an Web
just browser, Adrian Lamo moment that is still have age to 21 thn final Defence moment Mengutak-atik of winter, he finding containing URLS of Number Social Security and payroll, where all that is not protected. After finding that. He thread pengintai spy to previous, he is its menaklukan it him Afterwards, Lamo report weakness to Worldcom and together they follow to assist to improve;repair kelemahan hole that ???

Phreaking is hacking practice use telephone, or utilize media phone or equipments phone so that/ to be the perpetrator can step into the the system. [In] our state of this phreaking not yet so popular done/conducted.
Nature of from this phreaking in fact will very success if/when combined with Social technique Engineering is to have the character of to cheat to pass conversation phoned [so that/ to be he/she can be given by permit access is direct the than the owner / the system pengelolah to the gone to system.
Example of Phreaking combined by Social Engineering ; Have your 14 day do/conduct hacking but darling fail to, hereinafter you phone and request permit to step into that server impressing you is boss from head office in Jakarta which is medium look for company data and him obey you and immediately give permit you to step into its server it him cling, you is success

Order Phreaking
1. Don’T use your house telephone for the matter of is this
2. Janglahlah converse to hit a[n project of phreaking phoned by your house
3. Don’T use the name of your genuiness of phreaking moment
4. Take a care to whom you narrate the project of your you is
5. Don’T seen object for the you of your is. Keep peaceful in place
6. Don’T be caught or tapped

Cracking Software is also a study hit to study system of[is way of job/activity] an software and modifying it according to our appetite. But in this case, software cracking more smelling negativity. This because of the cracking of its result is more allocation for the piracy of
software where is which is very harmed here is the software maker. just Try if you who do utmost difficult make a program software during time 5 months, and where
the program software to you sell but you oppositely;also do not get advantage of maximal because of your software that ploughed and that thing [do] not esteem the effort you. Carding in short is theft of others credit card number which later;then with people money other that, we utilize to like us. In short = defalcating people to we to expend.
Really matter most grievous from all type form cracking or hacking. Defalcating result work property of others.
You like to defalcate people ?.. How if your own money stole by others, like nope?

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